seems like a good day

Day 23

Gruelingly long day, but I had a moment of happiness when I found this quora thread of psychological situations that test your mentality

I’m trying to find 300 level classes to take for next semester. Looking through the course listings, I became aware of the vast variety of classes you can take at my school, or any institution. We have access to thousands of summaries of all the knowledge in the world that we’ve accumulated as humans, yet most of us choose to drool in front of computer screens and waste our time getting dumber in college. Hm. It does take a lot of effort to learn.


Steel Blue ||

Took to the back roads of Tennessee the other morning and found myself caught in a massive fog bank rolling in from Norris Lake down into the river below. It was probably in the teens as far as temperature goes and I couldn’t feel my finger clicking the camera shutter by the end, but my God was it worth it. 

(Source: alexsattlerphotography, via boopiestboop)